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· Siemens PLC S7-1500 order number
CPU 1516-3 PN / DP 6ES75163AN000AB0
CPU 1513-1 PN 6ES75131AL000AB0
CPU 1511-1 PN 6ES75111AK000AB0
60 W AC / DC 120/230 V 6ES75070RA000AB0
60 W DC 24/48/60 V 6ES75050RA000AB0
25 W DC 24 V 6ES75050KA000AB0
AO 8 6ES75325HF000AB0
AO 4 6ES75325HD000AB0
AI 8 6ES75317NF100AB0
AI 8 RTD 6ES75317KF000AB0
DO 8 relay 6ES75225HF000AB0
DO 8 Triac 6ES75225FF000AB0
DO 32 transistor 6ES75221BL000AB0
DO 16 transistor 6ES75221BH000AB0
DO 8 transistor 6ES75221BF000AB0
DI 16 230V 6ES75211FH000AA0
DI 32 6ES75211BL000AB0
DI 16 24V 6ES75211BH500AA0
DI 16 24V 6ES75211BH000AB0
TM Count 2 x 24 V: High-speed counter, 800kHz 6ES75501AA000AB0
PtP RS422 / 485 communication module 6ES75401AB000AA0
PtP RS232, high-performance communication module 6ES75411AD000AB0
PtP RS422 / 485, high-performance communication module 6ES75411AB000AB0
PtP RS232 communication module 6ES75401AD000AA0
IM 155-5 2PN interface, Pronet interface template 6ES71555AA000AB0
S7-1500 mounting rail: 2000 mm 6ES75901BC000AA0
S7-1500 mounting rail: 530 mm 6ES75901AJ300AA0
S7-1500 mounting rail: 530 mm 6ES75901AF300AA0
S7-1500 mounting rail: 482 mm 6ES75901AE800AA0
S7-1500 mounting rail: 160 mm 6ES75901AB600AA0
Spare parts for SIMATIC ET 200MP: Interface module (6ES7 155-5AA00-0AB0) 5 front covers 6ES75280AA707AA0
SIMATIC S7-1500 spare parts: I / O module front cover 5 pieces / pack 6ES75280AA007AA0
SIMATIC S7-1500 spare parts: U-connector, 5 pieces / pack 6ES75900AA000AA0
SIMATIC S7-1500 spare parts: jumper, 20 pieces / package 6ES75923AA000AA0
SIMATIC S7-1500, label 6ES75922AX000AA0
SIMATIC S7-1500 front connector, screw type, 40-pin, with 4 jumpers 6ES75921AM000XB0
Spare parts for SIMATIC S7-1500: Shielding kit: includes shielding terminals, frame and 24VDC terminals. 6ES75905CA000AA0
SIMATIC S7-1500 spare parts: Shield terminal for analog / technical modules 6ES75905BA000AA0
Grounding element for connecting PE (ground) to the S7-1500 mounting rail. For 2000mm mounting rail, 20 pieces per package 6ES75905AA000

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