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Electrical engineering

    Brief description of advantages of small shield (mud-water balance system) control system
    采用台湾永宏PLC,PLC主站从站走高速通信,速度大概是三菱FX系列modbus通讯速度的3倍。 1. Adopt Taiwan Yonghong PLC, PLC master station and slave station take high-speed communication, the speed is about 3 times of Mitsubishi FX series modbus communication speed.
    增加了RS485中继器模块,通信距离更长更稳定。 2. RS485 repeater module is added, the communication distance is longer and more stable.
    倾斜仪角度检测。 3. Inclinometer angle detection.
    刀盘油缸伸缩距离检测(位移传感器客户提供)。 4. Cylinder cylinder telescopic distance detection (displacement sensor provided by customer).
    刀盘马达的综合保护。 5. Comprehensive protection of cutter head motor. And it is suitable for other motor protections in multiple power segments smaller than this power.
    Communication protection: When there is a communication problem, the host (master) console cannot see the running status of the equipment below (slave), which may cause a major accident. Within the set time, the slave device must stop and alarm.
    机内水位自动排放。 6. The water level inside the machine is automatically discharged.
    各种保护 7. Various protections
    手机APP监控( 可选项 8. Mobile APP monitoring ( optional )

    Part of FATEK PLC control system circuit diagram

    We have been engaged in electrical control in this industry for more than 10 years. The circuit diagram below is the previous Shanghai Xinkong Mitsubishi PLC control system.

    永宏FBs 系列 PLC控制效果一点都不比 三菱FX 系列 差。 Comparative summary: Taiwan Yonghong FBs series PLC control effect is not worse than Mitsubishi FX series . Very high cost performance!