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Electrical engineering

    PLC project for high-speed rail bridge construction in Anqing-Jiujiang, Jiangxi.

    China Railway's intelligent automatic sprinkler system and PLC communication control monitoring project successfully completed certification. Touch screen + mobile APP remote + upper computer. Global remote control is possible.

    This system has a total of 12 PLC control cabinets (1 master station and 11 slave stations). The PLC control cabinets communicate at high speed and add RS485 repeaters.

    Until now, the operation has been very stable!

    systems Manual
    1. The pump must be turned on before starting the system. The system can be started when the pressure of the pipeline reaches 0.6Mpa.
    2. The system is divided into 11 areas, and each area can be sprayed manually / automatically.
    3. Each area monitors the temperature and humidity of the area in real time.
    4. Please set appropriate temperature, humidity, running time and interval time for automatic start. After automatic startup, if the current temperature is higher than the set temperature or the humidity is lower than the set value, the spray system will be started, and the operation will stop after the set running time Spraying, restart the spraying after setting the interval time, cycle in turn until the target control is reached.
    5. The coefficients are factory preset parameters and cannot be modified.
    6. The mobile APP monitoring screen is consistent with the on-site touch screen screen, and the operation method is the same.

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